Say No to the Gunnison Copper Mine

just-say-no thank youThe purpose of this website is to educate the people of Cochise County about the proposed acid injection mine known as the Gunnison Copper Project. The Excelsior Mining Corporation, a Canadian based company, is proposing to extract copper from the Gunnison Mountain Range near Dragoon Arizona by using the in-situ mining technique. This technique consists of a series of boreholes drilled through several rock formations and through the existing water table to the copper deposit below. Excelsior will then inject a sulphuric acid solution into the boreholes to extract the copper-rich solution which it will then process through their electrowinning facility to create pure copper cathodes.

In order to operate their proposed facility Excelsior will need to construct numerous structures including an Acid Plant, Solvent Extraction Plant,, Electrowinning Facility, a Water Treatment Plant as well as evaporative and sludge ponds. In order to run at full production the mine will need to use an estimated 893 million gallons of make-up water per year. This is roughly three times the amount of water used by the town of Willcox annually. In order to prevent contamination of the local water table Excelsior will have to rigorously maintain “hydraulic control” of all wells as well as prevent any surface or subsurface spills of sulphuric acid and other chemicals naturally occurring in the area. The highly fractured and permeable rock deposits that make this copper deposit ideal for in-situ mining also make containment of hazardous chemicals nearly impossible.

Who Stands to Gain from the Gunnison Copper Project?

  • Only Gunnison Mine Employees, shareholders, board members and Corporation Chairs will benefit from this project.
  • Most of the tax revenue will be sent out of town and not stay locally to combat issues caused by the Mine

Who Will Be Adversely Affected by the Gunnison Copper Project?

  • All individuals, flora and fauna who utilize the Willcox Water Basin
  • All property owners near the mine who utilize the aforementioned water table
  • Anyone commuting along I-10 who will be able to see the mining operation along both sides of freeway

Gunnison Copper Project Location

  • I-10 exit 322 (Johnson Road)
  • Mine property’s are located on Both sides of I-10
  • Just north of the I-10 off Johnson Road,From Behind the “Thing” and south east of Johnson road a mile or more along the base of the Gunnison Range Near Dragoon Arizona.
  • The amount of acreage Excelsior has rights to is approx 6,405
  • Located to the south of the “Thing” will be a huge Processing facility,ponds and Acid Plant.

We Invite You to Get Involved

  • Stay Informed
  • Attend Local Meetings
  • Voice Your Opinion

Together we can send a clear message that our community is opposed to Excelsior Mining Corporation’s Gunnison Copper Project.

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